Media ID Media Type Status Genre Title Author Lastname Author Name ISBN or EAN Publisher Option
1 book available history Tides of War Pressfield Steven 978-0-553-38139-9 Bantam books USA
2 book available history Gates of Fire Pressfield Steven 978-0-385-49251-5 Bantam books USA
3 book reserved history Killing Rommel Pressfield Steven 978-0-7679-2616-4 Bantam books USA
4 book reserved history The Lions Gate Pressfield Steven 978-1-59523-119-2 Bantam books USA
5 dvd available thriller Memento Nolan Christopher 4260041334458 EuroVideo Medien
6 dvd available thriller Gommorah Garrone Matteo 4009750306994 EuroVideo Medien
7 dvd available adventure Slummdog Millionaire Boyle Danny 4260170490124 EuroVideo Medien
8 dvd reserved drama Steve Jobs Boyle Danny 5053083065409 Universal Pictures
9 dvd available drama The Beach Boyle Danny 4010232059826 Universal Pictures
10 dvd available comedy Wolf of Wall Street Scorcesse Martin 5050582968774 EuroVideo Medien
11 dvd available drama Gangs of New York Scorcesse Martin 4013549081955 Universal Pictures
12 dvd reserved drama Taxi Driver Scorcesse Martin 4030521100190 EuroVideo Medien
13 book available comedy Einen Scheiss muss ich Jaud Tommy 978-3-596-03228-0 Fischer Taschenbuch
14 book reserved comedy Hummeldumm Jaud Tommy 978-3-596-17476-8 Fischer Taschenbuch
15 book available comedy Der Loewe buellt Jaud Tommy 978-3-651-02558-5 Fischer Taschenbuch
16 book available comedy Vollidiot Jaud Tommy 978-3-596-16360-1 Fischer Taschenbuch
17 cd reserved comedy Hell Altinger Michael 4034677413333 Fischer Taschenbuch
18 cd available comedy Meine heilige Familie Altinger Michael 4034677400012 Fischer Taschenbuch
19 cd reserved comedy Auch das Christkind muss dran Altinger Michael 978-3-86646-741-5 Fischer Taschenbuch